SEO Expert:

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technology which has increase the ranking of the web sites on search engines.

What is SEO Expert? Or who is called as SEO Expert?

SEO Expert is a professional who is doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for web sites.

What are Black Hat SEO Expert and White Hat SEO Expert?

Black hat SEO Experts means, who will do the SEO to get ranking on search engines in wrong or short or illegal way by using loop holes on search engine algorithm.
White Hat SEO Expert follows the exact and procedural way which is advised by search engines, to get ranking on search engines.

What are duties of SEO Experts?

SEO Experts is doing major role on marketing of a web product with low cost and affordable way. Some important duties of SEO Experts listed in below.

  1. SEO Expert has to validate the web sites as per W3C standard.
  2. SEO Experts has to avoid unfriendly matters with search engines.
  3. SEO Expert has to verify and set the web page as optimal size to index.
  4. SEO Experts has to analyze the keyword density on that page with particular or set of keywords.
  5. SEO Experts has to include right Meta tags for every page.
  6. SEO Expert has to do sitemap and robots text for web site.

How SEO Experts will analyze the competition for a keyword?

  1. SEO Expert will select a keyword based on web page & clients requirements.
  2. SEO Experts make searches on search engines for that keyword.
  3. SEO Experts has to check the position of the site for that particular keyword.
  4. SEO Experts has to analyze other sites which are getting better rank than SEO needed site.
  5. SEO Experts has to check other site's reliability, link popularity and more required details.