Search engine optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

SEO is a technique which is help to increase the ranking of a website on search engine’s natural organic search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) technology is a cost effective technique to increase the visitors for web sites. Every search engines are following their own methodical algorithm to include the web sites and organize those sites with search terms. The search terms are called as keywords which are used to search the necessary web sites by internet users.

How the websites being indexed by search engines? What is crawler or spider or robots?

Every search engines having their own crawler or spider or bots which is nothing but a set of software program is used to crawl whole web page and indexed and keeps the contents on their own server.

How the crawlers functioning?

Crawlers of the search engines will go through every web pages and extracting the contents from web pages and maintain those web page contents on their server and revisit within a scheduled time slot.

What are the important considerable factors to index?

Previously, search engines list the sites most considerably with keyword Meta tag. But, nowadays most of the search engines are not considering the keyword Meta tags, due to avoid irrelevant keyword stuff on that tags. But, title tag is taking most important part in search engine’s keyword relevancy. More over that description tags are also important for searches.

How the SEO Companies are functioning?

Each and every seo company and seo experts are following different kind of seo techniques and seo services to improve search engine rankings for their web sites. But, deep analysis and study on this field will lead always. Based on the seo companies and their own proven results, they are charging and also having different types of seo plans to lead on this competitive world. But, the most important factor to know for web masters can’t get the results within a day or week. After you finished a seo web site, it will take approximately 3 months to get results for their seo work done. Some time it may take more than 6 moths also. Don’t believe if any seo company says as immediate inclusion is possible on search engines.
SEO for a website is not a single line matter to explain to all. We have to consider lot of factors to do. If you need seo for your web site, you have to select a best seo company or seo expert to do. Unless you are selecting good seo company or seo experts, definitely you will lose your investment and efforts on seo. While making a seo website, you have to avoid more images and flash animations on your web site. Search engines are unable to find the words on images or animated flashes. For your knowledge, Java Scripts are also not supportable for search engine. So avoid these things and make very good seo web sites.