What do you do to keep your eyes healthy and your vision strong?

Here is the way to maintain the health of your eyes by doing eye exercises.

Look up, look down

Look up towards the roof. Hold the position for three counts. Now look down towards the floor. Repeat these eye movements for five times and then close your eyes and relax. Blink your eyes for several times and then close your eyes for a few seconds. You are ready to move on to second exercise.

Look left, look right

Look left and count three, now look right. Repeat the movements for three times and relax. Blink your eyes. You can also place two guiding points to the left and right sides. Hold two pencils in both your hands at same distance. These points will guide you to keep moving your eye while sustaining equal speed.

Look at the corners

Same as first two exercises, this exercise too includes eye movements. Look at the upper corner of your right eye and then look at the lower corner of your left eye. Repeat these movements for five times. Blink your eyes and relax for a few seconds. Now do the other way round, look at the upper corner of your left eye and then look at the lower corner of your right eye. Repeat the movements for five times and relax.

Move eyes in circular motion

It is not advisable to start your eye exercise regime with this exercise. For first few days keep your eye exercise routine to first three exercises only. Once your eyes get used to these eye movements you can start practicing further exercises. Roll your eyes slowly clockwise and then anticlockwise. Do not forget to blink your eyes or close your eyes if you are feeling strained.

Squeeze and open

This exercise helps to relax muscles around your eyes and jaw. Contract your eye muscles by shutting your eyes tightly. Hold on this position for three counts and then relax your muscles. This exercise relaxes muscles around the eyes and helps to let go the strain after eye exercises.

Concentrate on a point and move eyes

Hold a pencil in your hand. Concentrate on the point of the pencil. Move the pencil slowly in various directions. Keep on following the pencil's directions.

Move pencil forward and backward

Place your thumb or a pencil little below your nose tip. Your thumb or tip of the pencil is your point. Move your point forward and backward. Concentrate and follow your point as it moves.


Palming is an important aspect of eye yoga. Palming helps to maintain eye sight and it is the well known relaxation exercise. Seat on the floor, fold your legs near your chest, and rest your elbows on your knees. Rub your palms for about 20 counts. Place your cupped palms on your eyes. Hold on this position for a minute or two. You can do take any other comfortable position while palming. Palming is the best relaxation exercise to do on your office desk to relax the strained eyes.

Benefits of eye exercises

Like every other part of our body, our eyes to need regular exercise. Early morning is believed to be the best time to do your eye exercises. You will start noticing the relaxing effects of eye exercises after a few sessions. Here are the benefits of doing eye exercises regularly.

•   Relax strained eyes

•   Increase blood circulation near eye area

•   Help maintain the eye sight

•   Help to improve vision

Set a reminder in your cell phone now, which will remind you about doing eye yoga. As soon as you get up in the morning, rub your hands together and put them on your eyes. Start your eye exercises and conclude with palming. Eye yoga has a calming effect on your mind, body and soul. Get going and feel better.