What is kalyana malai ?

Kalyana malai is the word which is taken from Tamil Language. Kalyanam means marriage. Malai or Maalai means garland which is Flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes. So Kalyana Malai means “Marriage Garland”.

What is the reason for using Kalyana Malai?

Kalyana Malai is taking main part in Indian marriages. And also kalyana malai refers lot of meanings like life has to get aroma like flowers, life has to be freshness as flowers, couple has to be tied as flowers how they tied on kalyana malai and more.

Who will use kalyana malai on their marriages? How they use Kalyana Malai?

In Indian marriages, there is different kind of kalyana malai used by different people. Kalyana malai preparation may differ. It means preparation cost would be differs. But everyone will use this. Lot of formalities has followed by using kalyana malai. While the occasion of marriage, couple has to wear kalyana malai. After tied the knot, they will change their kalyana malai each other about three times.