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eesanje - Kannada news paper janatha madhyama - Kannada news paper janathavani - Kannada news paper
kannadaprabha - Kannadanewspaper kannadaratna - Kannada news papers kranti - Kannada news papers
prajavani - Kannada news papers sanjevani - Kannada newspapers samyukthakarnataka - Kannada newspapers
taranga - Kannada daily udayavani - Kannada daily paper vijaykarnataka - Kannada daily newspaper
sankranti - Kannada Magazines    

You can select a Kannada news papers which newpapers are published in Kannada and from Karnataka State. KannadaNewspapers and Magazines are listed in above. You have to download their Kannada Fonts from their NEWS Paper or e-NEWS paper site. Then only you can read that Kannada NEWS or Another NEWS topcs which are in Kannada Font.